Gas Pump Helper

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How to Use the Gas Pump Helper

#1 - Lift nozzle from pump

#2 - Insert neck into tank opening

#3- Area for gaspumphelper

#4- Ready to Install

#5- Squeeze lever

#6 - Insert gaspumphelper

#7 - Release lever

#8 - Step back a safe distance

The Petroleum Equipment Institute warns that There are 3 causes of Static Electricity Fires at Gas Pumps:
<> 50 % of Fires are caused when a person returns to a vehicle during refueling. By entering the car they generate a charge of static electricity. When they exit the car and pull the nozzle. They have to replace the gas cap. At this point a static spark can jump from their hand to the metal fuel pipe.
<> 29 % of Fires are caused when a person unscrews the gas cap. To cure this 29 percent go to
<> 21 % of Fires occur for other reasons.